November 14th, 2013

November 14, 2013

This week the administration along with the media are starting to see the harmful effects of Obamacare in our country. I have been hearing from many families who have had their health care plans cancelled and more stories continue to flood my office. This week it seems that the back room deals the administration has been hiding about this harmful law has seen the light of day. Whether it’s the less than satisfactory testimony of the Secretary of HHS Kathleen Sebelius or the astoundingly low numbers of Americans who have signed up for Obamacare, the law continues to fail.

Only 1,150 Ohioans have selected a plan for Obamacare and that number can speak for itself. The administration had said that 500,000 Americans would sign up within the first month of enrollment. We found out yesterday that only 106,000 Americans selected a plan within this program nationwide, of that 26,794 on the federal exchange and the balance of 79,000 on the individual state exchanges. It has been reported that already there have been over 5 million policies cancelled.

The promise the President made to millions of Americans was, “If you like your current healthcare plan, you can keep it. Period.” We know this to be false. This is evident through the stories you have shared with me via letters and phone calls and the President’s own press conference.

A constituent said that his hours were cut to part time, in order for his employer to keep the business running. A man from Canton, Ohio called in and will see his premiums increase by 700% due to this harmful law. A single mother of two young boys, from Ashland, Ohio will not be able to afford the increase in price on her premium each month under Obamacare. When she wrote in she asked a great question, “If this is the Affordable Care Act, why can I no longer afford my health insurance?”  It seems as though my constituents have more common sense than those who wrote this devastating law.

I have heard from constituents from every area in the 7th district and when I read these letters and messages from many of you, there is one common theme with each of your concerns: I can no longer afford the health care that I am now forced into using.  Many of you have said that it is just not in the budget for you and your family to pay the increase in premiums each month. Others are having their hours cut and are no longer eligible for health care coverage under their employer.

On top of the financial concerns that have been brought on by Obamacare, Americans are worried that they will lose access to their current doctor. Families should not have to worry that they will have limited access to hospitals and have different doctors because they are forced into Obamacare.  The unknown continues to grow for American families as Obamacare continues to push people out of their current healthcare plans.

These stories along with the low numbers of Americans enrolled in Obamacare should be a wakeup call to the President.  The President’s health care law is doing exactly the opposite of what he had intended: access to quality affordable healthcare. Instead hundreds of Ohioans are being told they will lose their healthcare due to the high costs, leaving their families without the adequate care they need.

The President apologized to Americans this week, but a simple “sorry”, doesn’t give those families the certainty of having their healthcare back. I along with my colleagues in the House have worked to delay or repeal this law time and time again. This week I am voting for the bill “Keep Your Health Care Plan Act”, which will allow Americans to stay on their current plans unlike Obamacare. I hear your concerns and we are working to protect you from this harmful law.

If you have not yet shared your story and would like to please email me at or visit the website to submit your story. Your opinions are important to me and I look forward to hearing from you.