March 28th, 2014

March 28, 2014

Anniversaries are typically thought of as a celebration and a time when people come together to celebrate success or good fortune.  March 23rd marked the fourth anniversary of Obamacare and this was no cause for celebration. Rather, it was a stark reminder of how this law has made life harder for the majority of Americans. Whether its people finding out that their plans have been cancelled, their premiums have increased two fold, their deductibles skyrocketing or they now have a smaller paycheck from reduced hours; there was nothing positive about these past four years. Countless broken promises and four years later, the American people are worse off and unfortunately more Americans are uninsured.

When Obamacare was introduced the President and Democrats in Congress promised people they would be able to keep their healthcare plan if they liked their current one and that  if they liked their doctor they could keep their doctor, along with saving  money on their healthcare premiums each year. Instead, millions of Americans have received cancellation notices, an increase in premiums and smaller provider networks. It’s important to note that these experiences are what I am hearing from you; whether it is through letters and emails sent to my office or commenting on my Facebook page about your experiences. Your concerns are my priority and I want to hear from you regarding your experiences with Obamacare.

I recently visited a small business in Mount Vernon where their premiums and cost of insurance have increased dramatically since 2010 and they are extremely concerned that they will not be able to continue providing healthcare coverage.  In addition to premium increases, many Americans are seeing rising costs for some prescription drugs due to Obamacare. As we near the end of the first open enrollment period it is clear to the American people that this law is unworkable. From individuals, to small businesses, Americans are hurting and deserve relief from this law. Obamacare has failed to deliver on its core promises while leaving families and employers uncertain about their futures.  Although the Administration attempts to tout signing up 6 million Americans for Obamacare as a success, we know many of these 6 million people may have already had healthcare that they were happy with. This number represents those who were forced into signing up for this program in order to have coverage that may or may not be compatible with their healthcare needs and budgets.

According to a recent CMS report, two-thirds of small business employees will pay higher premiums under this law. The employees of small businesses are feeling these harmful effects and deserve the same relief as big businesses.  This law has been in place for four years and it has been four years too long. The President’s law continues to make life harder for middle class Americans and small businesses around the country.

On March 25th, the American people were informed of Obamacare’s latest delay. Once again, the Administration has unilaterally decided not to enforce its very own law.  The extensions of the Obamacare enrollment period deadline beyond March 31st provides further evidence that this law is fundamentally unworkable. Week after week the American people continue to pay the high price for a devastating law. The President’s law is far from patient-centered health care reform that House Republicans continue to endorse.

My colleagues and I have a  plan to repeal and replace this harmful healthcare law. The American Health Care Reform Act would fully repeal Obamacare and eliminate billions in taxes and thousands of pages of unworkable regulations. Our solutions put patients in charge of their healthcare and incorporate market based policies that create competition, lowers costs and improves patient care. Obamacare continues to be a train wreck and is far from being affordable. House Republicans  have solutions and we are ready to work with the President.