August 1st, 2013

August 1, 2013

It seems that every morning when you turn on the news, a new case of government abuse has surfaced. These past few months have been laden with abuse by government bureaucrats from agencies across the board in Washington.  Instead of just sweeping these problems under the rug, my colleagues and I are fighting to keep your rights protected and we are committed to responsible oversight of government operations. When these officials abuse their power they are wasting American tax dollars and should be held accountable.

With the thousands of federal regulations issued each year, it becomes harder and harder for businesses to comply with the red tape regulations. Many of these are not approved by elected officials and these agencies have the power to enforce the regulations they write themselves without any oversight.  It is not fair that an out-of-control Washington makes life more difficult for hardworking taxpayers because of its wasteful spending and abuse of power.

The government abuse does not stop with over bearing regulations. American tax dollars have been spent by government agencies on events such as lavish conferences. For example, the GSA spent more than eight hundred and twenty thousand dollars on an employee conference in Las Vegas in April of 2012. The conference included a mind reader, a clown, and a 31 thousand dollar reception to name a few of the outrageous purchases made to keep employees entertained.  As our country climbs higher and higher in debt, our agencies are excessively spending American tax dollars for their own personal enjoyment.

Another government agency that has been in the spot light is the IRS. The agency that collects your tax dollars and has in-house auditors did not prove to be any better at spending on their conferences either.  They held over two hundred conferences totaling over fifty million dollars.  The end result of these conferences was a Star Trek video featuring some of the IRS’s own skillful employees. The government abuse by the IRS does not stop there after the recent accounts of IRS employees targeting American citizens due to their political beliefs.

The House will take up ten bills that aim at stopping the government abuse that has been plaguing the system as of late. The premise of each of these bills is to bring back trust to the American people and create a pro-jobs climate without the uncertainty of frivolous regulations and wasteful spending. Americans want a strong, healthy economy and a more secure future; with these bills we can lay the groundwork for one by expanding job opportunities, limiting the size and scope of government and cutting waste and abuse.