April 11th, 2014

April 11, 2014

Right now too many Americans are feeling the effects of the reckless spending habits coming out of Washington. Americans feel it at the gas pump, the doctor’s office, the grocery store and when they pay their taxes. Families and individuals across the country must live within their means and it’s time the government did as well. A balanced budget will expand opportunities by growing the economy and creating jobs.

Adopting a balanced budget is about establishing priorities. Without a budget, there is no plan for the future.  With a sluggish economy and stagnant job growth, we must work towards a budget that will balance and provide certainty to businesses. The House Republican budget reduces spending by over $5.1 trillion over ten years and reforms the tax code along with helping Americans break free from the burdensome costs of Obamacare.

The ‘Path to Prosperity’ budget will balance the budget in 10 years, where the Democrats’ budget never balances – ever. Without a balanced budget, interest costs will consume dollars from other important areas such as defense and research and development. By balancing the budget by 2024, we will be able to grow the economy and shrink big government. Along with a balanced budget, the ‘Path to Prosperity’ allows one-sixth of the U.S. economy to no longer face the government mandates and controls of Obamacare. This plan makes sensible reforms that need to be made in order for our economy to recover and bring certainty back to the job market.

It is reckless to take more from hardworking families, only to spend more in Washington. My first priority is to make sure that I represent the issues that matter most to you. This budget will provide families with a fair, simple tax code to boost wages and create jobs. We will also be able to give seniors peace of mind because we will be able to secure their retirement by strengthening Medicare and other vital programs. By strengthening the safety net of federal aid programs, states will have more flexibility to tailor programs to their state specific needs.

This budget stops spending money we don’t have. It reinforces the responsibility the government has to the American people. We must have a balanced budget and follow those set spending limits, rather than the “spend now – pay later” mentality that plagues Washington. Passing this budget insures that we will leave a better future for the next generation of hard working Americans. A balanced budget is something the American people live by and it’s time the government started to be responsible for its spending rather than push our debt onto the next generation.

What are your thoughts on the budget for FY 2015?  I want to hear your opinion. Please call my office at 202-225-6265 or send me an email at repbob.gibbs@mail.house.gov.