Washington Doesn't Like Me Very Much

January 5, 2012
Washington Does Not Like Me Very Much

It has now been one year since I was sent to Washington to fix a broken process and get our economy moving again.  But one year later, I am still as frustrated as ever with the way Washington manages to get in the way of our economy.  As two bills I passed with bipartisan support join 28 other jobs-bills sitting forgotten on the US Senate’s doorstep for months, I can’t help but realize that I should add the US Senate to the list of “Washington Insiders” who don’t like me very much. 
While Republicans and Democrats may disagree over how to best jump-start the economy and boost employment, my bill, The Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act of 2011, has enjoyed broad bipartisan support.  It is a common-sense initiative that would ensure that business owners are not subject to two separate federal regulations where one would suffice.  It frees up capital to be spent on job-creating investments instead of dealing with redundant requirements that provide no additional health or environmental benefits. 
But despite passing the House with a bipartisan super-majority, my bill isn't even considered “active” in the Senate.   It’s not only my bills, however.  The vast majority of our jobs bills aren’t listed as active legislation as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid refuses to bring them to the floor for a vote.  I have repeatedly called the Senate to act on this legislation because it is unacceptable that business owners, farmers and local governments across the country will soon be tied up in yet another layer of red-tape because of Washington gridlock. 

As Americans suffer through the Obama economy, it is a disgrace that 28 House-passed jobs bills are collecting dust on Harry Reid’s doorstep awaiting action of the Democrat-controlled Senate.  The Senate has the right to either vote on these bills as they are currently written, rework them, or scrap them completely and present their own proposals.  What the Senate should not do is dodge the process and obstruct any chance at progress.  Furthermore, the Senate has not even passed a budget in over 1000 days. 

I join the majority of Ohioans and Americans who are frustrated with the Senate’s "Washington Games" and ask you to join me and share your concerns with your US Senators.  Let them know we are tired of Washington’s “business as usual” attitude and we cannot get people back to work if the Senate continues to stall jobs-bills for political gain. 

It is long past the time to stop the partisanship and political gamesmanship in Washington and come together to do what is right for the American people.  Washington may not like my approach, but I will continue to fight for the people of Ohio and support policies that stop deficit spending, reign in an out of control bureaucracy with commonsense regulatory reforms, reform the tax code to increase our global competitiveness, and pursue an energy policy that responsibly develops both our natural and renewable sources.