Our nation’s transportation network of roads, bridges, rail, and airports serve as the backbone of our economy. Taking a broad view of our national infrastructure is incredibly important. It highlights the reality that Americans don’t just rely on safe roads. Twenty-first century infrastructure is comprised of a network of surface transportation, water utilities, the nation’s energy grid and internet connectivity, among other systems.

Too often, “infrastructure plans” are a pile of federal dollars funneled into projects erroneously deemed “shovel ready” with the average taxpayer rarely seeing benefits. For example, corrupt companies like Solyndra received huge federal loans from the Obama stimulus, then defaulted on the loans and folded, leaving taxpayers on the hook.

If we are to focus our efforts on rebuilding American infrastructure, simply spending taxpayer dollars is not the answer. We have to encourage private sector investment and eliminate the unnecessary regulatory barriers that give the private sector pause when considering large projects that require permits.

I worked with the Trump administration to reduce regulatory burdens and make it easier for state and local governments to start and finish important projects without federal bureaucrats making it more difficult or more costly than it needs to be.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration is attempting to undo many of these regulatory relief efforts. I cosponsored legislation to stop the Biden administration’s efforts.

Legislation Sponsored and Co-Sponsored in the 117th Congress.

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