May 23, 2014 Columns
This week the partisan gridlock paused for a moment when the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014 was debated on the House floor. The WRRDA Conference Report passed the House with overwhelming bipartisan support, with a final vote of 412-4. This little known bill dealing with critical national issues passed out of the House proving that Congress can get the job done.
May 1, 2014 Columns
As each week passes we are learning more about the inexcusable backlog within the Veterans Affairs agency. We must reduce the VA backlog and hold those within the Department of Veterans Affairs accountable for their actions. This week my colleagues and I passed the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year 2015. This bill will help to boost essential Veterans programs and fulfill our moral and legal obligation to them.
April 11, 2014 Columns
Right now too many Americans are feeling the effects of the reckless spending habits coming out of Washington. Americans feel it at the gas pump, the doctor’s office, the grocery store and when they pay their taxes. Families and individuals across the country must live within their means and it’s time the government did as well. A balanced budget will expand opportunities by growing the economy and creating jobs.
April 4, 2014 Columns
Small businesses are the backbone of our nation’s economy and the further piling up of regulations continues to hold them down. Obamacare was only the beginning of those regulations, now the President would like to drop the 40-hour work week down to a 30-hour work week. Each new rule the Administration pushes out has an effect on the 7th district of Ohio and around the country in a negative way.
March 28, 2014 Columns
Anniversaries are typically thought of as a celebration and a time when people come together to celebrate success or good fortune. March 23rd marked the fourth anniversary of Obamacare and this was no cause for celebration. Rather, it was a stark reminder of how this law has made life harder for the majority of Americans.
March 7, 2014 Columns
If there is one thing every American family can agree on, it’s that they all depend on a budget that fits their family’s needs. They know how much money they can spend for the week, month, and year on gas, groceries, utilities, and living expenses.
January 31, 2014 Columns
This past week the President addressed a joint session of Congress to deliver his State of the Union address and I was quite disappointed with his direction for the year. Congress was able to come together this year in the best interest of the American people by passing a budget, important appropriations bills and the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) to name some of the bipartisan legislation.
January 10, 2014 Columns
As a new year begins, hardworking Americans around the country are grappling with continued economic uncertainty. My colleagues and I in the House are working to get Washington out of the way, so that our economy can grow and Americans can get back to work.
December 19, 2013 Columns
As 2013 comes to a close and families come together to celebrate the holiday season, it is important that we take this time to reflect on the year’s accomplishments. It has been a busy year, but my colleagues in the House and I continue to work for you and your families to provide solutions that will put people back to work, spur economic growth, and give everyone a fair shot to improve their standard of living and quality of life. We have a lot of work left to do, but we remain dedicated to serving our constituents to the fullest.
December 12, 2013 Columns
Every day I receive emails, letters and phone calls from constituents on all topics that matter most to you. I also recently held a telephone town hall where the listeners were able to dictate what issues we discussed. The single most discussed issue through all forms of constituent communication has been your disgust with Obamacare.