WASHINGTON, DC - After this morning’s release of second quarter GDP numbers showing the economy shrunk by .9%, officially signaling a recession, Congressman Bob Gibbs (OH-7) issued the following statement: 

“Biden’s disastrous economic policy chickens have come home to roost. This morning’s GDP numbers are another sign that the President’s and Congressional Democrat’s overspending and stifling regulatory agenda is choking the American economy, which should have been enjoying a steady and healthy climb out of the worst of the pandemic. As prices continue to rise and the economy shrinks, American families will bear the brunt of these disastrous policies. Yet Democrats want to make it even worse as Senate Democrats are pushing forward with Manchin’s Green New Deal. Their only solution for any issue is to spend more money, even if that’s what got us in this position in the first place. It’s clear once again the American people cannot trust Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi to be responsible stewards of government. We must stop recklessly spending piles of borrowed cash on a socialist agenda aimed at wealth redistribution dressed up as climate policy.”