WASHINGTON, DC - Following last night’s passage of HR 7776, The Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2022, Congressman Bob Gibbs released the following statement:


“Our national supply chain is at a breaking point. Yet it is heartening to see one of the most important legs of our national transportation infrastructure network, water infrastructure, continue to receive the attention it deserves. The best, most economical method of moving goods through the country is by water. WRDA 2022 focuses on improving ports, harbors, and inland waterways systems. Just as important, it does not get bogged down with woke social or environmental justice policy.


“By concentrating on local projects such as waterway navigation and wastewater systems, we are strengthening the backbone of transportation infrastructure. I had the privilege of passing similar legislation in 2014, reforming the way the federal environmental bureaucracy studies and approves these important projects. I am happy to know that work continues. Additionally, I was able to secure $10 million in funding for various shallow lakes in Ohio to address water quality and algal bloom issues.


“Thank you to my colleagues on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for working to pass a bipartisan, commonsense WRDA that adequately addresses issues that affect all Americans.”