“This is a landmark ruling recognizing the moral and constitutional errors of Roe, and a tremendous victory for the millions of Americans who have spent fifty years fighting for the pro-life cause. Just as important, this is an opportunity for every unborn child, the voiceless and most vulnerable, who need a champion for their chance at a thriving and fulfilling life. Our previous abortion policies were on par with Communist China and the oppressive regime of North Korea, and this ruling understood there was never any constitutional right to the barbarism Roe allowed. This ruling, like so many that correct federal overreach, puts this difficult moral question in the hands of the states."

“In the wake of this monumental and polarizing decision, it is important that all Americans step back to understand and recognize the legitimacy of this ruling. There is never a time for political violence in the United States. We have seen fire bombings and vandalism perpetrated against crisis pregnancy centers across the country recently with almost zero mention in the mainstream media. We cannot allow or excuse political violence. If these attacks continue after this ruling, I hope we can universally condemn them for the heinous acts of violence they are.”