WASHINGTON, DC – After voting against House Democrats’ appropriations legislation, Congressman Bob Gibbs released the following statement:

Every month, we are hit with the reality of government overspending. Inflation, driven by Democrats’ spending spree, is hitting forty-plus-year highs every time a new monthly report comes out. What do Congressional Democrats want to do? Pour gasoline on the fire. During normal times, a spending bill like this would be objectionable solely because of its expansion of the size of government. But during these economically stressful times, this amount of government spending would pour fuel on the inflation fire with socialist spending schemes that will increase energy prices, empower unaccountable bureaucrats, and prioritize illegal immigrants over border security.

With American families already affected by Democrats’ reckless spending, intentionally making them pay even more at the pump and or at the grocery store is beyond irresponsible. It is cruel and shameful that Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are happy to sacrifice the financial wellbeing of Americans at the altar of a radical agenda that does nothing but serve socialist activists and climate extremists.”