Gibbs Statement on Resolution Holding President Out of Compliance

September 10, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the House took the first of several votes regarding the Iran nuclear deal. H. Res. 411, sponsored by Representative Mike Pompeo, states that the House finds the President out of compliance with the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, passed by Congress and signed by President Obama earlier this year.  A provision of the Act states that all information, including ‘side agreements,’ is to be transmitted to Congress for a vote.  After announcement of the agreement and transmission to Congress, news reports claimed the existence of separate deals between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency.  These side agreements were not included in the details given to Congress to review.

Congressman Bob Gibbs voted in favor of holding the President out of compliance.  After the vote, Gibbs provided the following quote:

“Today’s vote shows the President how serious Congress is in reviewing the Iran nuclear deal.  The law states that all information must be given to Congress in order for the 60-day congressional review period to even begin.  The President’s decision to omit the side deals between Iran and the IAEA is another example of his disregard for the law.  This is a matter of national and global security.  We cannot allow the enactment of a deal that rewards Iran with sanctions relief and the ability to inspect itself.  It is irresponsible to the security of the United States and the safety of our key allies in the Middle East.”