Congressman Bob Gibbs

Representing the 7th District of Ohio

Gibbs Statement On Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act

June 9, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Following the passage of HR 235, the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, Congressman Gibbs released the following statement:

“I am pleased to see a bill that protects access to the Internet pass with overwhelming support.  Internet connectivity is vital to American citizens, crucial to entrepreneurs and is essential in creating a thriving economy.  No government—federal, state, or local—should impose taxes or fees on Internet access.  This bill is important in ensuring affordable Internet access is not stifled by government taxation.  I applaud Chairman Goodlatte in leading this effort.”

The original Internet Tax Freedom Act was passed in 1998 and was reauthorized multiple times. This legislation extends the ban on taxing Internet access permanently and similar legislation was passed by voice vote in the previous Congress.