Gibbs, House Pass Vote to Halt Energy Cost Increases

June 24, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – On Wednesday, the House passed the Ratepayer Protection Act of 2015 to delay the EPA’s implementation of their Clean Power Plan (CPP).  Last June, the EPA released a proposal for existing power plants.  Under this plan, every state would be required to submit plans on their emissions goals. If a state does not submit their plan, the EPA will force a restrictive and burdensome federal plan upon them.

Following the vote, Congressman Bob Gibbs said, “The Ratepayer Protection Act gives Ohio families certainty that their energy bills will not skyrocket at the whim of an EPA bureaucrat.  Ohio relies on coal to provide nearly 80 percent of its power, giving working families a safe, reliable and affordable energy source. So far, 32 states have filed legal challenges to the Clean Power Plan.  This bill will let the legal process play out before the EPA can mandate a plan or impose a federal plan.”

Gibbs continued, “National Economic Research Associates estimate that the compliance costs to be passed on to the consumer will result in a 12-17 percent increase in the average electric bill.  With hardworking families already struggling to make ends meet, increasing their monthly utility bills is the wrong thing to do.”