Gibbs Highlights Benefits of Domestic Energy Production

May 25, 2012
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Representatives Bob Gibbs (R-Lakeville) released the following statement after touring the EnerVest oil rig with Jim Renacci (R-), Bob Latta (R- Bowling Green), and Bill Johnson (R- Marietta):

“As we continue to see more interest and more activity across the region as shale oil and gas exploration grow, I was glad to be able to visit an EnerVest well site and see firsthand what is happening and make sure there is proper oversight and regulatory structure in place.  I talked with engineers, geologists and other personnel and saw their dedication to responsibly developing these new resources.  I am impressed to see how much capital investment, thought, and effort goes in to ensuring that the actual well is constructed and sealed to protect our ground water aquifers and the environment.

“It is so important to maintain these high standards and develop this new energy resource right here in Tuscarawas County and the surrounding areas.  Having a local energy source is extremely valuable to our local economy as it will bring more job opportunities to the area.  And these are not only jobs in the energy industry but also in steel production, manufacturing, agriculture and other sectors as a reliable and affordable energy is here locally to drive the economy.  The responsible development of our own natural resources will help reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources to create jobs at home and lower gas and energy costs for Ohioans.  I want to thank EnerVest for taking the time to show us around today and reinforce my belief in the benefits of greater American energy production.”