Congressman Gibbs Statement on the Crisis at the Border

July 10, 2014
Press Release

Washington D.C.—Congressman Bob Gibbs (R-OH) released the following statement regarding the crisis at the border:

“The ongoing situation at the border is concerning  and the first thing that needs to be done is secure our borders. This week, the President asked Congress for $3.7 billion in emergency appropriations to address the overflow of unaccompanied minors  crossing the southwest border. Only 12 percent of the President’s request is going toward actual border security funding. The President has not only the ability, but the backing by this Congress to fully secure our nation’s borders and this request is another attempt to pass blame to Congress. The man-made crisis at the border is a direct result of this Administration’s selective enforcement of the law and refusal to secure the border. The President’s lack of cooperation with Congress as well as his numerous executive actions since becoming President have led us to this massive breach threatening our national security.

“The Administration’s passive attitude towards our nation’s security is alarming and the President must ask Mexico to work with us to stop this problem. I support sending the National Guard down to work with the Department of Homeland Security and the border patrol teams. While this is a terrible humanitarian crisis and our hearts go out to the those children, we must also recognize that the President has had the ability to stop this long before it started.  Securing our nation’s borders and preventing illegal entry into our country should be the top priority of the Administration, not just processing those that have been detained by the border patrol.”