Congressman Gibbs Responds to the President’s Executive Order on Immigration

November 21, 2014
Press Release

Washington, D.C.—Congressman Gibbs released the following statement after President Obama announced his Executive Order on immigration:

“Last night, the President made it clear to the American public that rather than enforcing the law of the land, he would rather write his own. The House has voted  numerous times to increase enforcement of existing immigration laws. The problem is not the law itself, but rather the Administration’s refusal to enforce the laws in place.  

“On November 4th, the country sent a clear message that they want Congress and the President to work together. The President’s actions ignore the voter’s wishes and completely bypasses the Constitution. When this Administration comes across a law that does not fit their agenda, they unilaterally take action against it  or ignore it completely. The President’s decree is not based on any law and gives illegal immigrants the opportunity to become employed in the United States. By granting them work permits, the President completely dismisses current law, raising many questions on how implementation of this unlawful decree will unfold.  

“We need a real solution, not just a quick fix. Our borders are not secure and millions of illegal immigrants continue to cross unchecked and undocumented. When the dam breaks you work to make sure the damage does not continue. The dam is broken and the damage has become unmanageable. Since the President’s announcement I have had an overwhelming response from my constituents on this issue. The letters, social media responses, and phone calls I have received are against the President’s current executive order, supportive of  the need to secure our nation’s borders and stress the importance of moving forward on an immigration solution that is best for the country.

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