Congressman Gibbs Asks the President to Step Up in Regards to Ebola

October 16, 2014
Press Release

Washington D.C.—Congressman Gibbs release the following statement regarding the growing concern of Ebola in Northeast Ohio and around the country:

“Last night, Governor Kasich and members of the Ohio Department of Health held a conference call with members of the Ohio Congressional Delegation.  We now know that a 29-year-old woman came from Dallas to the Cleveland area after treating the patient in Dallas with the Ebola virus. Gov. Kasich informed the delegation that since July when the first Americans went to Africa to help with the Ebola outbreak, that he and the Ohio Health Department have been monitoring and getting a plan in place for how Ohio can best deal with this type of situation. 

“The House has recognized these concerns long before the Ebola crisis grew to the size it is now. The possibility of an outbreak of this size prompted the House to increase and make funding immediately available for the CDC than what was previously requested. We continue to wait for the Administration and the CDC to take the necessary steps to insure that no other American contracts this virus. Area hospitals are taking the necessary precautions and the Administration and the CDC need to be cognizant that this remains a national issue until it is contained.  In a time when Americans are wondering what is next, the President must step up to the plate and institute a travel ban to make sure that health officials can begin to contain this virus."