Congressman Gibbs Asks Gov. Perry to Send In National Guard

July 11, 2014
Press Release

Washington D.C.—Congressman Bob Gibbs (R-OH) released the following statement after sending Governor Rick Perry the attached letter:

“This morning I sent a letter to Governor Rick Perry of Texas regarding the crisis at the border. President Obama has neglected his duty to defend our nation and I believe that it is time that Governor Perry activates the necessary National Guard personnel. Securing our nation’s borders must remain a top priority throughout this crisis.”



Governor Perry,

I respectfully request that you take action within the bounds of your duties as Governor of the State of Texas to secure our southern border.   

President Obama has neglected his duty to defend our nation by securing the border.  In your recent meeting with the President, you made four specific suggestions, one of which was that you directly asked him to take action and place National Guard troops on the border.  In absence of action by the President, I am asking you as Commander in Chief of the State of Texas to secure the border by utilizing the resources of your National Guard.  As Governor you can activate National Guard personnel to "State Active Duty" in response to natural or man-made disasters or in Homeland Defense missions.  If ever there was a time, now is it.  President Obama has refused to show the leadership and provide answers about the national security crisis at the border.  Instead, the President is the one playing politics with our national security and continues to press Congress for $3.7 billion, the vast majority of which will not go to securing our border. 

The President’s lack of cooperation with Congress and Governors like you has lead to this massive breach threatening our national security.  I appreciate your leadership on this issue, and I know you have pressured the President to direct these critically needed resources to the border. 

In absence of the president’s willingness to take action, I implore you, as Commander in Chief of Texas, to call the National Guard to duty and send them to the southern border immediately. Please let members of Congress know how we can support your efforts to hold the President accountable for his man made crisis at the border.             


Bob Gibbs

Members of Congress