Congressman Gibbs Applauds Decision to Establish House Select Committee on Benghazi

May 2, 2014
Press Release

“It has been almost two years since four innocent Americans lost their lives as the result of our government’s tragic disregard for our foreign officers’ safety.  We must hold someone accountable to ensure this never happens again.

“The recent announcement that House Leadership will establish a select committee on Benghazi will hopefully provide further details and information Americans deserve to know. This Administration continues to withhold critical intelligence regarding the terror attacks and continues to mislead the American people. In light of recent developments, it is imperative this select committee continues to thoroughly investigate these attacks and ensure that justice is served. The dismissive nature that the Administration has chosen to handle the attack in Benghazi is shameful. I look forward to the committee’s work in finding justice for those Americans who lost their lives and the families who continue to grieve.”