Congressman Gibbs’ WRRDA Bill Sets Sail for the Senate

May 20, 2014
Press Release

Congressman Gibbs released the following statement after the Water Resources Development Act of 2014 (WRRDA) passed the House of Representatives today (412 to 4) with overwhelming bipartisan support:

“I am pleased that WRRDA will continue to be an example of strong bipartisanship between the House and Senate. The Water Resources Reform and Development Act will not only improve our nation’s economic competitiveness as a whole, but also ensure that the Great Lakes maritime network is treated as a unique system when determining project priorities. This bill as a whole maintains fiscal responsibility and de-authorizes $6 billion more than is authorized in new spending. This WRRDA bill will continue to allow Congress to determine our nation’s infrastructure priorities though an annual report process. More so than any other nation, America is blessed with thousands of miles of navigable waterways which provide a unique, competitive advantage that helps our businesses grow and create jobs.

“The Great Lakes continue to be of importance to our nation’s economy. WRRDA will ensure that the Great Lakes ports are treated as a unified system when the United States Army Corps of Engineers plans for dredging and emphasizes the full importance of Great Lakes shipping is taken into consideration when determining where money is spent.  The Inland Waterways Trust Fund  (IWTF) finances construction and major rehabilitation on the nation’s waterways and supports over 250 locks throughout the country. WRRDA 2014 will address the critical issue with a balanced approach of solving problems such as the Olmsted Lock and dam with the help of the IWTF’s support.

“This WRRDA is unlike any previous bill passed by Congress. I am proud of the work that was done to move this bill through the House and through Conference Committee. We wrote this bill without compromising our key principles: maintaining fiscal responsibility, streamlining studies and reviews of projects, removing all earmarks and maintaining Congress’ role in determining our nation’s infrastructure projects. WRRDA will ensure that America maintains and expands upon this competitive advantage, not just today but in the years to come.”

 Click here to see Congressman Gibbs speak on the House floor earlier today.