Congressman Bob Gibbs Statement on the Government Shutdown

October 1, 2013
Press Release

“I, along with my colleagues in the House of Representatives, have voted on four different pieces of legislation to fund the government, each time trying to negotiate a position that the Senate could accept.  The Senate chose not to negotiate in any fashion, resulting in the government shutting down. 

“The House has passed legislation to fund the government with an amendment that all members of Congress and their staff, including the President would not receive any special subsidy or exemption from Obamacare and would be treated like every other American.  Unfortunately, the Senate did not support the idea of fairness for every American in terms of Obamacare. The Senate has expressed to the American people that they believe the flaws in this law are great enough that Congress and the Administration need a special exemption, yet our constituents must adhere to it.  This proves the system is broken.

“I am committed to ending the government shutdown and fighting for the American people. The effects of Obamacare are beginning to surface as more full time employees are now forced into part time work due to harmful regulations.  It is time for the Senate to realize that these devastating effects of the President’s healthcare law are not predictions, they are happening now. Both parties share the blame, and both parties must work in the best interest of the American people to fund the government and ensure fairness for all.”