Congressman Bob Gibbs Statement on the Continued Government Shutdown

October 4, 2013
Press Release

“I am very frustrated to hear that the President and Senator Reid have decided to veto any bills that the House has taken up or has passed with strong bipartisan support to reopen the government.  Instead, the President and Democrats in the Senate believe we should only pass one large ‘continuing resolution’ to maintain business as usual with increases in the debt and deficit spending here in Washington. In the House we are passing legislation to open the government and fund nutritional and early childhood education programs, veterans programs and support our national security. By keeping this position and making the statement that he will not negotiate around the pending debt ceiling, the President is telling the American public that out of control spending is not a problem. 

“With the debt at $17 trillion dollars and rising added to the record level revenues, raising the debt ceiling does mean that we are increasing the debt.  It is clear in the President’s mind that this is not a problem and therefore it does not need to be negotiated.  I believe ALL sides should sit down with their differing opinions and figure out what is best for the country.”