Congressman Bob Gibbs: End the Uncertainty to Create Jobs

June 15, 2011
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Bob Gibbs, an original member of the Job Creators Caucus, released the following statement in response to the National Federation of Independent Business’ reporton the decline of small business optimism for the third consecutive month:

“For nearly 30 years, I ran a small business, signed the fronts of paychecks, and created jobs and opportunity for my employees.  Just like other small business owners, I was always looking for ways to grow and expand my business.  I made decisions about how many jobs I could create based on many factors, but the most important was economic certainty.  A good time to expand was when I was confident in the market’s business conditions and policies coming out of Washington. 

“But yesterday, the NFIB reported that the Small Business Optimism Index fell for the third consecutive month, showing that the unsustainable debt, massive deficits, threats of higher taxes, excessive and burdensome regulations, 23 months of record unemployment rates, and the uncertainty of the new health care law have made job creators less optimistic about the future of our economy.  If small business owners are not confident, they cannot create jobs and spur the economic growth we need.

“The NFIB’s report is another sign that the Washington spending agenda needs to be reversed.  The Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators contrasts Obama Administration’s failed jobs and economic policies and removes onerous federal regulations that are redundant and harmful to small businesses.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and we must get serious about cutting spending, lowering taxes and decreasing regulations to restore confidence in the private sector and create an environment for businesses to grow and create jobs.”