House Protects Energy Jobs from EPA Regulations

March 15, 2016
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Legislation approved this afternoon targeting the EPA’s regulatory overreach will protect thousands of American energy jobs.  The House passed the Satisfying Energy Needs and Saving the Environment (SENSE) Act, which will limit the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate coal power plants that utilize byproducts from coal mining.  This innovative use of leftover raw materials has prevented over 200 million tons of coal refuse from polluting the environment.  The EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule and Mercury and Air Toxics Standards create an unachievable standard for refuse-to-energy plants.  By giving coal refuse-to-energy plants greater flexibility in emissions, those power plants are able to support 1,200 direct and 4,000 indirect jobs while conducting environmental cleanup.

After the vote, Congressman Bob Gibbs released a statement:

“The EPA’s burdensome rules on power plants are a clear example of why a one-size-fits-all policy coming out of DC doesn’t work.  Coal refuse-to-energy power plants are a perfect example of the private sector solving environmental pollution problems with no cost to the taxpayer.  Coal refuse has the potential to cause serious damage to our nation’s rivers and streams.  By utilizing the byproducts of the coal mining process, we can provide affordable energy for families and protect waterways from pollution.  I am proud to join my colleagues in support of this commonsense legislation.”