Gibbs Resolution Reaffirms Citizens’ Right to Vote, Condemns Non-Citizens Voting

April 8, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC - On the day of the voter registration deadline for Ohio’s May 7th Primary Election, Congressman Bob Gibbs introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives to reaffirm the 14th Amendment’s protection for voting rights for American citizens, and to recognize the effect of illegal immigrants voting on the voice and voting power of American citizens.

Voter registration laws and processes differ from state to state. Twelve states and the District of Columbia allow illegal aliens to obtain drivers licenses, and eight of those states provide voter registration at the time of obtaining a driver’s license. This creates the potential for a hole in elections security, providing illegal aliens the means and opportunity to illegally vote.

After introducing the resolution, Congressman Bob Gibbs released the following statement:

“Earlier this year, as Democrats passed HR 1, the For The Politicians Act, House Republicans offered a simple amendment that recognizes the diminishing effect illegal voting has on the voting power of American citizens. Democrats rejected this amendment. It is baffling how expressing the idea that only Americans should vote in American elections is a partisan issue. The right for Americans to vote was enshrined in the Constitution and strengthened by several Amendments. For an elected representative of the people to allow, encourage, or turn a blind eye to non-citizens voting is to mute the voices of Americans who elected him or her.

“There have been several national stories recently of corrupted voter rolls in Texas and California, non-citizens prosecuted with voting in federal elections in Ohio and North Carolina, and municipalities registering non-citizens to vote in local elections. Faced with hard evidence of illegal voter registration and voting, Democrats refuse to acknowledge their very own constituents are effectively being disenfranchised. I want to thank my colleagues for cosponsoring my resolution and I urge Democrat leadership to put it on the floor for a vote.”

The text of the resolution can be read here.