I believe a secure and prosperous nation requires a secure border. I support efforts to finish construction of the border wall started by the Trump administration. In a visit to the border in January 2021, I saw the situation on the border for what it is: a national security, humanitarian, and economic crisis that is making America less safe and threatening the lives of children shuttled across the border by Mexican cartels.

President Biden has failed his duties to protect the nation and secure the border. I introduced articles of impeachment against the President for his dereliction of duty. We must keep our nation and its borders strong and secure.

I vehemently oppose efforts by the radical left to dismantle Immigration and Customs Enforcement. I cosponsored a resolution voicing support for our nation’s Border Patrol agents, who were smeared by the press and even the President himself during the summer of 2021.

While every American is subject to the Biden administration’s COVID-19 restrictions, people apprehended crossing the border illegally are let go in the country without a COVID test or vaccine. It is an injustice that illegal immigrants are treated better than American citizens by their own government.

Legislation Sponsored and Co-Sponsored in the 117th Congress.

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