America is blessed with an abundant supply of natural resources that can help reduce our reliance on OPEC and other nations we would not consider allies. Under the Trump administration and with a Republican Congress, we made great strides in securing North American energy independence. Our energy renaissance was so great, we began exporting oil and natural gas.

Unfortunately, under the Biden administration, that renaissance has come to a screeching halt. I support legislation to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline, which President Biden canceled. I cosponsored a bill that prohibits the President from stopping hydraulic fracturing on public lands without Congress’ approval and wrote to President Biden urging for an “all-of-the-above” national energy policy that does not ignore America’s abundance of resources.

In 2021, I opposed legislation that gave more handouts and provided subsidies for wind and solar energy projects and forced the private sector to compete with government by funding billions in tax dollars to build electric vehicle charging stations.

Legislation Sponsored and Co-Sponsored in the 117th Congress.

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