Concerned parents are not domestic terrorists. Parents should be the decision-makers in their children’s curriculum, not federal bureaucrats. I support legislation to keep divisive programs like Critical Race Theory out of our public classrooms and military academies. I cosponsored the CRT Transparency Act, which requires school districts to publicly post their curriculum online so parents can see what their children are being taught.  Additionally, I supported parents’ rights by cosponsoring a bill that allows parents to seek alternative educational options if their school district is enforcing a mask mandate for students. I have worked with my Republican colleagues on the Oversight Committee to investigate the Department of Justice’s reprehensible decision to consider parents concerned about their children’s education domestic terrorists.

Our nation’s universities have helped form the greatest minds and fostered incredible innovations and inventions. That is why I cosponsored legislation to limit the influence the Communist Chinese government has on college campuses through their Confucius Institutes. We cannot allow any undue foreign influence in one of our most important institutions.

I oppose Congressional Democrats’ efforts to impose a blanket forgiveness on federal student loans.

Legislation Sponsored and Co-Sponsored in the 117th Congress.

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