Economy, Jobs and Small Business

After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, our economy was booming. Millions of Americans were seeing pay increases and finding new opportunities. Unemployment was at record lows for women, African Americans, and Hispanics. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lowered rates, increased the Child Tax Credit to help families with the costs of raising children, doubled the standard deduction so middle-class Americans can keep more of their paycheck, and reduced the tax burden on small businesses to help spur job growth.

The typical family of 4 earning $73,000 were estimated to see a 58% tax cut, paying $2,059 LESS in taxes for 2018. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act also repealed Obamacare’s unpopular and harmful individual mandate, which taxed you for not having health insurance.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I supported the CARES Act which created the Paycheck Protection Program that helped small businesses stay in business when government edicts forced them to close their doors.

Now that the pandemic is subsiding, it’s time for Americans to get back to work. I cosponsored legislation that expands Pell Grant eligibility for in-demand certificate programs so that we have enough skilled workers for jobs that don’t require a four-year degree. I also fought back against government overreach that would treat franchised small business as large employers.

I also cosponsored legislation that requires states to restore work search requirements to continue receiving federal unemployment benefits and has introduced legislation to stop President Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate on American employers.

Legislation Sponsored and Co-Sponsored in the 117th Congress.

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