Congressional Issues & Oversight

One of Congress’ primary responsibilities as an equal branch of government is oversight of the executive branch. As a member of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, I believe we should be examining everything from waste, fraud, and abuse to the ethical challenges of members of the executive branch, including members of the President’s family. Outrageously, the current Democratic majority has turned a blind eye to Hunter Biden’s corruption, the administration’s inability to secure the border, the policies and decisions that led to the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the classification of parents concerned about their children’s education as terrorists, and many more serious breaches of American trust perpetrated by the Biden administration. Instead, they are more concerned with relitigating the past and settling political scores and vendettas against the previous administration.

I have worked with my Republican colleagues on Oversight to shine a light on the current administration’s malfeasance and incompetence. My colleagues and I will continue to ask the tough questions, demand answers, and uncover any wrongdoing by officials in the Biden administration.

Congressional and Oversight Legislation Sponsored and Co-Sponsored in the 117th Congress.

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