Community Project Funding Submissions

Proposed Recipient: Kent State University at Tuscarawas

Address of Recipient:  Kent State Tuscarawas 330 University Dr., NE New Philadelphia, OH 44663

Requested Amount:  $250,000

Project Details: Funds from the grant will be used for equipment such as beam apparatus data acquisition system, CNC trainers and turning machines, electrical/mechanical (mechatronics) trainers, automated virtual welding (portable simulator) , fuel cell trainer, engineering-level computers, machine shop equipment (scroll saw, safety equipment, set-up), digital oscilloscopes, and other industrial maintenance training simulators to enhance existing programs and facilities at Kent State University at Tuscarawas and the Buckeye Career Center. The $250,000 Community Project Funding request will significantly enhance the overall project and will enable the purchase of advanced manufacturing instructional equipment.

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Proposed Recipient: Canton City Schools

Address of Recipient:  218 Cleveland Ave. SW Canton, OH 44702

Requested Amount:  $4.045 million

Project Details: To provide a turn-key interoperable virtual and physical platform. Through the partnership with Wi-Fiber, we will extend the city wide private network to support remote learning, telehealth and emergency response. This simple solution will leverage devices with a variety of components and an open-source software architecture to visualize, connect, autonomously view and interact with the deployed territory at the click of a button. The installation and implementation of this turn-key solution will allow each and every student in the Canton City School District to have network connectivity to their homes.

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Proposed Recipient: Strasburg Volunteer Fire Department

Address of Recipient:  125 2nd Street NE Strasburg, Ohio 44680

Requested Amount:  $955,575

Project Details: To replace the oldest section of our fire station which was built in 1955. It has 4 narrow bays that are often a source of vehicle damage. The inside depth of the bay area is too short for most new trucks and the overhead doors cannot accommodate taller engines and apparatus. Some vehicles are kept outside due to lack of space. (Ohio winters are brutal on vehicles) The engines inside the bays are literally inches apart. Other concerns with our station include lack of space for equipment such as our washer, dryer/extractor, ice machine, cascade system, and air tank fill station. These are crammed behind the apparatus with side-ways walking space. Our current generator is outdated and its failure is just around the corner. Once it breaks down, it will not be able to be repaired as parts are no longer being made.

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