WASHINGTON, DC - On Thursday, Congressman Bob Gibbs wrote to President Joe Biden and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg urging a strategy focused on addressing the labor shortage as the global supply chain crisis experiences a bottleneck at American ports.

Citing labor shortages, state laws, and the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine mandate on the private sector, Gibbs emphasized the need to focus on port modernization and policies to fill labor shortages.

“Our lack of long-term investments led to the current bottleneck at American ports,” said Gibbs after sending the letter. “We have the ability to increase our ports’ efficiency and capacity. But the Biden administration’s efforts to inject left-wing identity politics into something as non-partisan as port infrastructure shows how unserious the administration is in actually improving the major arteries of the American economy. Additionally, prolonging both the COVID-19 restrictions and temporary relief measures passed by Congress at the worst of the pandemic has made it harder to overcome disruptions in the labor market. Getting people back to work and stripping away unnecessary regulatory barriers is essential to increasing efficiency now while we address the long-term challenges to our global competitiveness.”

A copy of the letter can be found here.